Saturday, February 19, 2011

1 day down!

So the first day of KDO was surprisingly easy and relatively painless.. Our day started early and for my son this was concern #1 for me! He is such a sleeper and loves sleeping in just like his daddy :) I got up that morning and wanted to have everything ready before I woke him from his slumber so I get breakfast made, set out his clothes, get his bags packed, lunch made, and myself somewhat presentable. I ran Ashur a bath and figured that would help him wake up a little easier and hopefully start him off in a better mood. It seemed to work great! He woke up pretty easily and seemed to be in a good mood. As we get dressed and ready to go I am talking to him about his new school and getting him excited about experiencing some new things. As we walk out the door I realize concern #2... I forgot to feed him breakfast! So I grab him a banana for the ride which he takes one bite of and throws the rest on the floor. Aldo like his father he's not much of an early morning eater. We say a prayer in the car together on the way praying that Jesus would be with Ashur and help the transition go smoothly. We get to the school and he seems to be instantly interested by all the other kids. He starts checking things out while I finish all the paper work and then it's time for the dreaded drop off! He instantly grabs my neck a little tighter when he begins o realize what's about to aspire. His teacher recognizes his hesitation and begins talking to him about his super cool new back pack. She even starts singing " There's A Party In My Tummy" which was the ticket. He started smiling and went right to her! I left there around 9 and by 9:45 was chomping at the bit to call and check on him. I fought off the urge until 11:30 and could go no longer! The director assured me he was great and they were fixing to sit down and start arts and crafts. When I went to pick him up around 1:30 he was still napping so I didn't get to see that crazy excited reaction I was hoping for when he saw me, but I was so relieved to hear from his teacher that he was perfect all day and had lots of fun!! I hope this wasn't a one time deal and he will do this well every week...

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  1. It's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! While I'm glad that Ashur did so good with KDO, I'm SEVERELY jealous!!!!! You truly don't know how lucky you are!! Good for you! When does he go again?