Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So Ashur is starting his first day of the Kids Day Out program at our church here in Fayetteville.. I am nervous, anxious, excited, worried, scared! Ok honestly too many emotions to write down.. The closest thing he has had to compare this new experience to is an hour stay at the kids fun factory at Fayetteville athletic club where I work out, and he typically lasts a good 45 mins before he has a total meltdown and is crying for me and begging to go home! His whole life he has been watched by and surrounded by people who love him and give him there full, undivided attention. He has definitely been spoiled to say the least! He is desperately needing some social interaction with other kids, and I also think the structured environment will be great for him. I just think as a mom you want every care taker throughout your kids life to love them as much as you do and see that they are the coolest kid that ever lived. Although I know this is an impossible reality it doesn't make it any easier to drop my child off with a room full of strangers and new rules! I am trying to say strong for him and not pass on this anxious energy. I have been talking to him about his "new school" for the last 2 weeks now trying to prepare him, but in my heart I know that he has absolutely NO clue what I'm talking about and is gonna be blind sided by me leaving him in a strange place with strange people for 5 whole hours!! I hope he handles this whole process better than me because I feel like an emotional basket case right now.. I guess this post will be continued tomorrow and I will do a follow up post!


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  2. So tomorrow will be difficult for the both of you, but just because he wasn't thrilled the first day don't give up. If you really think the social interaction is needed (which I agree and am very thankful for the whole process, it will give you a much needed break as well)keep going. It will take a while for you both to get used to it. When we enrolled Brooke in daycare for the first time it was really really hard and she cried every time I left her for like a week. It broke my heart but now she is a little social butterfly and would be very sad if she didn't have some where to go and be able to see her friends. Keep us posted and I will be praying for you guys tomorrow.

  3. Oh girl I know exactly how you're feeling! As you know, we're STILL going through the daycare adjustment period with Alexis (6 weeks later, friggin' shoot me!). I don't have anything good to say so maybe I shouldn't say anything at all lol. Let's just hope Ashur does better than Lex! Surely he will, since he's had more caregivers than she has and he's not quite as shy. Personally I think the 2nd day is the hardest/worst, so if he does good the 2nd day then you should have no worries. Anyways, can't wait to hear how he does!