Friday, May 20, 2011

Ashur!! Need I say more :)

So my little man is growing up so much everyday it's mind boggling!! Sometimes I sit and stare at him and get a little sad because he isn't a baby anymore and I would like for time to stand still. He is talking so good and has a personality that's larger than life. He makes me enjoy everything so much more! Even the smallest mundane things can seem like an adventure through his eyes. Three years ago my precious nephew Bentley passed away at only 22 months. His life although short has impacted our lives forever and is missed every single day! Since having Ashur I feel so blessed and appreciative for every second I have with him because we never know the time God has allotted for us. since my last blog so much has happened. He has adapted so great to KDO on thursdays. It took his teacher about 3 weeks to realize his obsession with Mr. Potato Head so from then on she has had him waiting at the gate for him. He gets so excited to go every week he runs from the car all the way to his class yelling " I Love School"!! Needless to say it's the cutest thing ever and makes my heart smile :) We went to Miami for a week last month and got to stay with Fawaad's aunt and uncle. We hung out with his cousins and got to meet the newest member of the Shah family Miss Sophia! We had an insanely busy week of a football game, pro baseball game, Miami sea aquarium, shopping of course, and the funnest was Ashur's first beach experience! When he got his first sight of the water he screams "The Ocean" with heartfelt enthusiasm with the biggest grin plastered on his face. He very decisively stops, finds a seat and runs over to sit down so he can take his flip flops off. I help him remove his shoes and he jumps up and says "I can't wait mommy.. I can't wait to get in the water!!" at that very moment my heart melts and tears flood my eyes. There is nothing better in the world than experiencing the purest most exhilarating JOY there is. He was in heaven running back and forth from the water to the sandcastle, helping build, tearing stuff down ( of course), shoveling sand and throwing it in the water, collecting sea shells. Whatever his little mind could think to do!! The next night we decide to go out and have dinner and Fawaad's aunt graciously volunteers to babysit Ashur for us. I was a little nervous because he didn't know them very well so I made sure he was really tired, gave him a bath and did bedtime routine, made him some milk and tucked him in and put on Dora thinking he will be out in no time! We leave and meet up with his cousins and head out to south beach to our dinner destination. After about an hour and a half I have Mansoor (cousin) call his mom to check in on Ashur just sure he was out like a light... Well I couldn't have been more wrong!! I can hear his aunt laughing and yelling in Urdu. Mansoor translates saying... I can't get him to go to sleep. He keeps kicking me when I try to go sit on the bed with him and tells me to get out of his room. So I walk out and he runs over and shuts the door and locks it!! I was mortified to say the least. My little independent child doesn't cry or whine for mommy, isnt concerned where his daddy is, he just wanted the stranger out of his room! I have to admit I laugh everytime I replay that scene in my mind of how i imagined it went down. In there culture Little boys are treated like kings so I'm so glad she took it in good humor and wasn't too offended! We truly had a blast and hope to get back down there soon. Since we've been back everything has returned to our joyful chaotic life as usual, and were looking forward to our next adventure. Our first movie theater experience!! Next month Cars 2 is coming out and I can't wait to see what kind of stories I will have to share after that :) sorry for such a long post. It's been awhile!!